“Me and my brother were walking to school, and sadly someone started assaulting me by cutting my hijab, two times, and I felt very scared….” -11-year-old Canadian Muslim girl was attacked by Islamophobe in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/2MZ9eMguYp — CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) January 13, 2018   Original Police News Release News Release of Hoax    

Article  |  Archive This was found in a restroom at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri smh. I wish that y’all would control your tiny Hitlers, because we are getting sick of this bullshit. pic.twitter.com/NoLrnsrC7F — ✊🏿Black Aziz aNANsi✊🏿 (@Freeyourmindkid) November 15, 2017 Tweet

Occupy Progressive -> “Party of Communists USA” -> Confederate Flag Burner -> “White Nationalist”?

“Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College Admitted to Posting Racist Posters Around Campus Urging “All White Americans” to Report “Any and All Illegal Aliens” and “America Is a White Nation”

Victim of hate crime hoax turns out to be a huge Trump supporter. One of the victims, Charles Evers, is a civil rights leader, Trump supporter, and owner of the radio station van that was spray-painted with ‘KKK’. Also, the radio station Host had his house spray-painted and burned. Video Backup Link to article  |  Archive Picture of Charles Evers

Jewish Store Owner Falsely Claimed He Was the Victim of an Armed Robbery, Two Robbers Started a Fire Within the Store, & Sprayed Anti-semitic Graffiti on the Building